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Communicate Your Wishes Through A Legal Will

At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we draft and re-work basic wills and other essential documents — often as part of our service to men and women coping with divorce or other family law matters. If you need a new will — whether you are a young couple with a new baby or a middle-aged adult planning for your children — we can help ensure your wishes are communicated clearly and accurately.

Contact our Portland office to discuss your estate planning needs with an experienced attorney at 888-589-0671.

Who Needs A Will?

The short answer is: everyone.

A common misconception is that wills are only for the middle-aged or elderly with extensive assets to pass down to their loved ones. The reality is everyone can benefit from having a will. A will can designate a caretaker for a young child or a beneficiary for a treasured collector’s car. Without a will, the state will make these important decisions for the deceased based on Oregon estate laws. If you want control over who receives your assets, real estate or who will take care of your children upon your death, we will sit down with you to discuss your wishes and draft a basic will that meets your needs.

Drafting Or Changing A Will — Ensure You Have All The Essential Documents

We handle those matters with which we have deep, solid experience. You can trust us for a referral if you have specialized estate planning needs such as the development of a trust. Well within our range of knowledge and experience are matters such as:

  • Executing sensible, necessary changes to your will after a divorce or another change in your family makeup
  • Reviewing or re-drafting your will to help ensure your wishes are carried out in the event of your death
  • Drafting other essential documents such as a power of attorney, designating the person you want to make decisions about your property after your death

We have helped many families and individuals throughout Portland and the surrounding areas with drafting and revising wills and other basic estate planning documents.

Have You Made Your Wishes Known?

There are many important reasons to establish a valid will. Take some time to discuss your needs with an experienced lawyer today.

Contact the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley to schedule an initial consultation online or by calling 888-589-0671.