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I Handle Complex Will And Probate Issues

Veteran Portland probate attorney Todd R. Worthley has extensive experience in Oregon probate law, including direct familiarity with navigation of the specific courts and processes unique to Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties. In addition, he has experience handling probate issues that require litigation, such as will contests, breach of fiduciary duty and undue influence claims.

The Law Office of Todd R. Worthley is adept at issue-spotting, and we emphasize efficiency and affordability in resolving the estate matters of a deceased person — whether that person passed on with or without a will. We encourage you to contact our law firm with your legal questions and needs regarding probate.

Do You Need Help With Probate?

Probate does not need to be complicated. If a loved one dies with a legal will and the family is in agreement about the inheritance, then the process can go quickly and smoothly. However, it can still be helpful to have a lawyer on your side who can guide you through the process. We assist our clients with all matters of probate:

  • Properly notifying creditors and family members of probate
  • Assisting estate executors in identifying and locating all available assets
  • Advising on the legal processes for transferring property titles
  • Advising estate executors on their duties to help avoid disputes
  • Representing family members who have reason to suspect undue influence or question other aspects of the will

Practical Services To Protect Your Property

Transferring or “passing” title to any property after a death in the Portland area or elsewhere in Oregon requires a court order. Other issues such as settlement of debts and ownership of certain assets may be disputed or otherwise require the services of a skilled probate lawyer — preferably one with extensive litigation experience.

We have handled many probate cases and matters involving wills, emphasizing sound decision-making and responsive, affordable service. To discuss your needs with Todd R. Worthley in a helpful initial consultation, please call 888-589-0671 or contact us online right now for a prompt return call.