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Was Your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claim Unjustly Denied?

Of the two primary forms of Social Security Disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is distinct in that:

  • Granting of Supplemental Security Income benefits does not depend on whether or how much you have worked in the past
  • This program is disability based and financial need based — meaning you will only qualify if you have very limited resources or income when you apply

If you have applied for Supplemental Security Income benefits in Oregon and received an initial denial letter, please call our Portland office today at 888-589-0671. Attorney Todd R. Worthley will hear you out, review the materials you have submitted and received, and provide legal guidance based on his many years’ experience.

Experience, Legal Knowledge And Tenacity You Can Count On

We are highly familiar with the requirements in place for approval of SSI benefits, and also with common oversights and administrative issues that lead people who should be qualified for benefits to have their claims initially denied. You are not dealing with a lost cause by any means — although the process of obtaining benefits can take many months or even years, you can depend on us for honesty in describing what may be required and involved.

We take Supplemental Security Income (SSI) appeals cases on a contingency basis and do not charge a fee unless benefits are awarded. We do however, charge our clients for the cost of obtaining medical records that may be critical for ultimately obtaining approval of your claim.

Whether you have a physical injury, debilitating disease, or serious mental illness that prevents you from working, you can trust us to treat you with care and sensitivity. We often work with family members as well as directly with you in our diligent effort to secure the benefits you need. We are prepared to pursue our clients’ appeals of denied claims through all necessary phases — request for reconsideration, a hearing before an administrative law judge, and sometimes review by the Appeals Council.

Contact Us To Discuss A Potential Appeal Of Your Denied Claim

If you or a family member is disabled and unable to work, with very limited financial resources, and your SSI claim has been denied — please seek the help of a caring, experienced lawyer. We frequently assist people from the Portland metro as well as surrounding communities..

Schedule an initial consultation today. Email us now or call our office directly at 888-589-0671.