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A Strong Advocate For Anyone Suffering From A Mental Health Disorder

It can be difficult to understand the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) precise requirements for obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits. Although you believe you filled out the application correctly and thoroughly documented your mental illness, one small error can prevent your claim from being approved. At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we are prepared to counsel those whose claims have been denied.

If you suffer from depression, bipolar disorder or another mental health disorder and received an initial denial of your Social Security claim, contact the Portland Law Office of Todd R. Worthley today at 888-589-0671. We will provide legal guidance based on extensive, successful experience.

We Help Clients Obtain Due Benefits

Oregon attorney Todd R. Worthley has extensive experience dealing with Social Security Disability matters for those who are seeking benefits based on a mental illness, such as:

  • Depression so severe that it significantly compromises a person’s ability to function in daily society
  • Bipolar disorder that prevents a person from being able to work while in the extreme depression state
  • Social anxiety, causing the sufferer to have panic attacks or other dangerous effects when around a lot of people, such as in an office
  • Schizophrenia, preventing someone from distinguishing between illusions and reality

Mr. Worthley will carefully assess your situation and determine why your claim may have been denied. He can help gauge your likelihood of success in resubmitting the application, and assist you in properly documenting your illness if it is in your best interests to apply for Social Security benefits again.

Let Us Advocate For You

Our firm is here to provide valuable information and compassionate legal counsel to those with mental illnesses who were denied Social Security benefits.

Email us or call our office at 888-589-0671 to set up a time to discuss your next steps and how a lawyer can help.