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A Results-Driven Firm Focused On Your Social Security Needs

Are you coping with a disability and the financial challenges that follow? Has your Social Security claim been denied and would you like representation for your appeal?

The Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, has extensive experience helping clients in Oregon obtain the Social Security Disability — either SSDI or SSI — benefits they need and deserve. If your initial claim has been denied, please call us today at 888-589-0671 to talk through the next steps we need to take.

A Calm, Comprehensive Approach To Addressing Your Needs And Options

Most often, we get involved in a Social Security Disability case in the reconsideration phase, after you have applied and received any form of denial of your claim. Our firm is experienced dealing with both physical and mental disabilities — from back/spinal cord injuries and repetitive stress disorders to chronic depression or a personality disorder that prevents you from working. We also represent those who suffered a heart attack or another life-threatening health issue that requires they stay at home.

We Know The System, The Laws And How To Effectively Appeal Your Claim Denial

At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we know how to:

  • Better substantiate your claim after an initial denial by fleshing out your medical record and positioning your disability correctly according to the list of impairments the Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains
  • Overcome any procedural obstacles that may have led to denial of your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim
  • Help you set realistic expectations and keep you informed of likely timelines and new developments in your case
  • Keep track of your claim and follow up on any delays, which may help you get approved faster

Attorney Todd R. Worthley’s depth of experience can be a tremendous asset for you. We will hear you out, and look at all your options, including personal injury litigation, if someone else caused your injury and any family law issues you are coping with as a result of your disability.

Consult An Experienced Social Security Attorney Today

If you are disabled, unable to work and have become frustrated in your effort to get Social Security Disability benefits, please contact our Portland law office to arrange a consultation with Todd Worthley, a knowledgeable and compassionate Social Security lawyer.

Email the firm now or call our office directly at 888-589-0671.