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Compassionate Representation For The Wrongful Death Of A Loved One

If you are suffering the shock and grief of having lost a family member in a fatal accident, we understand that recovering monetary compensation is not something you have not likely thought much about. However, it can be critical to talk to an experienced attorney — as soon as possible after the accident and definitely before discussing any settlement with an insurance company.

Please contact the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley right away for your initial consultation. Call 888-589-0671.

Recoverable Damages After A Wrongful Death Can Be Very Significant

After any accident caused by someone else’s negligence, an insurance company and its representatives will likely focus on settling the claim for as little as possible. In a wrongful death case — just as in a very serious personal injury case — circumstances and insurance coverage may justify a payout in the millions of dollars.

Under Oregon law, when liability can be established for a wrongful death in a fatal car accident, motorcycle or trucking accident, or another catastrophic event, it may be possible for a spouse or other family members to recover money for:

  • Funeral and burial expenses as well as medical costs if treatment was attempted in the effort to save your loved one
  • The loss of all income the deceased may reasonably have been expected to earn and contribute to your household over a lifetime
  • Other “compensatory” damages for very real considerations such as the loss of companionship

Turn To Us For Caring Counsel And Practical Action

Led by experienced, versatile lawyer Todd R. Worthley, we operate a personally attentive and engaged law firm. We strive to provide the type of empathetic, sincere guidance that your grieving family deserves as we fight for the maximum compensation that may help you carry on in life despite an irreplaceable loss.

We understand that in this incredibly difficult time, you must find an attorney with whom you are comfortable, and one with a proven track record in personal injury cases and other civil litigation.

Please call our Portland office at 888-589-0671 or contact us online to for an initial consultation. You will incur no attorney fees unless we take your case and succeed in obtaining compensation for your loss.