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Experienced Representation For Issues Involving Restraining Orders

In Oregon, the law enables victims of domestic violence, threats and other such acts to get legally enforceable protection. What are often referred to as restraining orders or orders for protection, in many other states, are called Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) orders here in Oregon. Many people do not understand the reach and full implications of these orders.

At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley in Portland, we are prepared to offer counsel and representation whether you have been victimized by domestic violence or you have been accused and someone is seeking a restraining order against you. All such situations must be taken seriously, and you can turn to us for sound legal guidance intended to protect you, your family and your rights. Call our Portland office today at 888-589-0671.

Caring Guidance For Victims, Or Defense Against False Allegations

It is critical to take decisive action if you or your children are being victimized by domestic abuse or violence. Please call 911 if you are in immediate danger — and, once temporarily safe, please contact an attorney who will support and guide you through decision-making and legal processes.

As an active divorce and family law firm, we also see cases involving false or exaggerated allegations — made for the purpose of gaining leverage in a custody dispute, for example. If your spouse, co-parent or someone you are intimate with has filed for a FAPA restraining order, you have a lot on the line.

Take Immediate Action To Keep Yourself And Your Family Safe

Family law attorney Todd R. Worthley has more than two decades of experience advocating for individuals in situations involving restraining orders, including:

  • Taking action for victims of abuse who need protection, and for whom documenting family violence may also be a critical factor in divorce and child custody outcomes.
  • Providing vigorous defense against false or exaggerated allegations — in full recognition that allowing a restraining order to go unchallenged may have a serious and far-reaching impact on your divorce settlement, your parental rights, where you live and even what you can do for a living.

Learn All Your Legal Options By Calling 888-589-0671

Having an experienced family lawyer on your side can be a tremendous asset as you seek to obtain, enforce or defend against a restraining order. To arrange a consultation, please email or call us as soon as possible.