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Protect Your Interests With A Premarital Agreement

For a variety of reasons, as you look forward to marriage, you may believe it would be best to have a prenuptial/premarital agreement in place. Perhaps there is a large disparity between the separate assets you and your intended spouse are bringing into the marriage, or one of you has a need to protect the futures of children from a previous marriage. In other situations, we counsel people who simply want to establish certain boundaries and expectations in their relationship.

At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we can help you understand what a prenuptial agreement can and cannot accomplish and protect. After an open, candid consultation, some of our clients decide that an agreement is not necessary — and this is testimony to our caring, honest approach to legal counsel.

Emphasis On Practicality, Convenience And Protection Of Your Interests

Attorney Todd Worthley has more than two decades of experience in Oregon domestic relations law, he has drafted many prenuptial agreements — as well as litigating divorce cases where a premarital agreement required interpretation, defense or questioning of its validity. Our firm is dedicated to:

  • Making the process of developing and finalizing a prenuptial agreement as convenient as possible for you, through clear communication in person, by telephone and via email according to your preference.
  • Although we can represent only one of you — our careful drafting can help make sure both parties are comfortable with the prenuptial agreement before signing.
  • Providing sensible, helpful counsel in pursuit of your best interests, with full recognition of sensitive issues and absolute dedication to sensible solutions for couples who have a few or many complex issues to resolve.

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We draft prenuptial agreements with a strong understanding of current statutes and recent court decisions, offering you confidence that you have made solid commitments that will hold up in court, should it ever become necessary. Equally important, from our initial consultation forward, you can build a solid relationship with an experienced family law lawyer you can trust for any future challenge that may arise.

Contact our Portland office online or by calling 888-589-0671.