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Does A Change In Your Life Justify A Modification Of Support?

The volatile economy has disrupted the lives of many thousands of people in the Portland, Oregon, area and across the nation. Although job losses, failed investments and other negative events are always possible, their increased prevalence in recent years has made obtaining modifications of support judgments a very important part of our family law practice.

Prompt Action May Prove Critical To Your Financial Stability And Future

If some key aspect of your life has changed, making it more difficult or impossible to pay full child support when due — or to comply with alimony/spousal support or other orders in your divorce judgment — we urge you to contact the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley now at 888-589-0671.

Similarly, fast action is important if you believe the parent paying child support is benefiting from higher income or another change that justifies an increase in payments.

Too often, parents who could benefit from a modification wait too long to contact a lawyer, either incurring an overwhelming debt for past-due support or missing out on added support that could benefit children. Attaining a justified child support modification is a relatively straightforward process in Oregon, and we can help you pull together all necessary information and handle all legal procedures.

One thing our laws do not allow for is a retroactive modification that would grant you relief if, for example, you lost your job and could not make payments but did not petition for a modification until months or years later.

We Can Put The Law To Work For You In A Time Of Transition

An Oregon divorce judgment is formalized based on a detailed picture — but still only a single snapshot, from one point in time — of parents’ incomes, ability to support children and other factors. The law also has the capacity, via modifications, to account for inevitable change afterward for either parent, which may include job losses, job advancement or changes, onset of a disability, or substantial changes in the needs of a child.

Significant Life Changes Call For Quick Action

It is worth your time to contact attorney Todd R. Worthley anytime there is a significant income change, you learn that new resources have become available, or there is some dramatic change in a child’s needs.

We provide a personal, informative consultation for a reasonable flat fee — and you can count on an honest assessment of your situation. Call our Portland office at 888-589-0671, or contact us online.