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Strong Legal Guidance For Domestic Partnership Disputes

Domestic partnership law is changing every year as legislatures meet to determine how to meet the changing face of domestic relations in America. Nationally, all eyes seem to be on Oregon, as we discuss domestic partner rights and the social obligations we may have toward the parties involved.

At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we represent clients who are either coming together to form a domestic partnership, or who may be dissolving a long-term domestic partnership in which property rights and financial issues are involved. We are family law professionals who are at the cutting edge of domestic partnership law in a state that is at the cutting edge of the domestic partnership issue.

Answers To All Of Your Domestic Partnership Questions

If you are in a domestic partner relationship, and have legal concerns about needing a power of attorney, or other areas of domestic partner law, contact Todd R. Worthley, a family law attorney with over 25 years of experience. With extensive knowledge of domestic partnership law, he can help you understand how it applies to your specific circumstances.

In Oregon, domestic partnership law can include the following:

  • Powers of attorney
  • Health care benefit issues
  • Domestic partnership dissolutions
  • Pre-partnership agreements
  • Partnership property disputes

Domestic partnership law is a new area of law for many family law practices. If you are unsure of how to proceed legally with a domestic partnership issue, contact us today.

We Can Help You Move Forward

No matter what type of issues you are facing, Todd Worthley will advocate for your interests through every stage of the legal process. Get the support of an experienced family lawyer today. Email our firm or call 888-589-0671 to schedule a consultation.