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Are You Considering A Legal Separation Or Divorce?

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, people reach a point where divorce or separation is necessary. Defending your financial and personal interests can be especially critical in order to move forward and start a fresh life on your own.

Your first step, regardless of which spouse files divorce papers and who must respond, should be to talk with a lawyer you can trust. At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we prioritize honesty, discretion and decisive action to protect your rights. We will represent you whether you are dissolving a traditional marriage, same-sex marriage, legally separating or separating from a domestic partnership.

Sound Legal Guidance To Fit Your Post-Relationship Needs

We know that your worries in this turbulent time may include:

  • The financial burden of divorce and your stability afterward
  • Retaining property and assets that help you maintain financial security
  • If you have children, whether you can achieve the custody and parenting time arrangement you want and believe is best for them
  • Minimizing the loss of focus on your work and other priorities that can occur in a drawn-out family law dispute

Since 1991, attorney Todd R. Worthley has provided dependable, insightful representation for men and women facing divorce in Oregon. Our legal team is focused on protecting your most important relationships and getting the best possible property settlement for you without running up unnecessary legal fees.

We are well-prepared to:

  • Patiently explain your rights and explore all legal options, including obtaining necessary orders for temporary child support or spousal support while your case is pending
  • Respond to your spouse’s complaint or file for divorce in an efficient, strategic way
  • Target the most time-efficient and cost-effective path while doing full service to complex financial considerations such as valuing and protecting a family business
  • Obtain a legal separation if you want enforceable orders in place but do not want to divorce at this time
  • Protect your interests as defined by a prenuptial agreement
  • Protect you and your children from domestic abuse or other dangers that may arise during the divorce process

If you believe agreement on all issues is within reach, we can protect your rights while navigating the steps necessary for a reasonably prompt, affordable divorce. If you have issues to workout, we will help you prepare for mediation and — if ultimately necessary — fight for the best possible results in court.

Put A Solid Legal Advocate On Your Side

To speak with Portland divorce lawyer Todd R. Worthley about your family situation, call our law firm today at 888-589-0671, or contact us online.