Denied Social Security Disability Claim in Oregon?

After applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, it can be a major setback to receive a denial letter. You likely believe you have a disability that clearly prevents you from working — and yet your claim, like a very high percentage of others, is initially denied.

Experienced Lawyer for Social Security Disability Claim Appeals

This situation is common. Contact us right away if you have received an initial denial letter from the Social Security Administration. Attorney Todd Worthley will know what to do. In an initial consultation, we will explain what may be involved in steps that follow in pursuing your valid claim:

  • Filing a request for reconsideration — a step you must take within 60 days of receiving your denial letter — with our help in correcting any errors or omissions in your initial application
  • Requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ)
  • Attending the hearing and presenting the strongest case possible
  • Appealing a negative decision to contest it before the Appeals Council

Ultimately Getting Benefits May Depend on Your Lawyer's Skill and Determination

Unfortunately, this process can take up to two years or more, but we will stay in contact and stay active on your case throughout the reconsideration, hearing, and appeals as necessary. In appealing a denied claim, you should choose an experienced Social Security lawyer with whom you are comfortable. The firm you choose should also have a stable presence in your area — like our law office, with well over 15 years practicing in the Portland, Oregon, area.

We handle appeals of denied claims on a contingency basis, charging no fee unless you obtain benefits — although obtaining complete, relevant medical records may involve some cost to you. But, know this, the compensation we, or any other legal service, can receive is limited by law to 25 percent of "past-due" benefits you receive, and compensation for any attorney who assists you is currently capped at $6,000.

We are experienced and resourceful in getting information from doctors and other treating professionals, as well as preparing for the hearing that represents your best chance of having the denied claim reversed. Please do not give up on your claim. Instead, call us at Portland Lawyer for Social Security Disability Claim Appeals at the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley today.