A Law Firm You Can Turn to After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

If you have fallen and been injured on poorly maintained property in the Portland, Oregon, area, please contact us now. Whether you know you have a serious injury or do not yet know the extent of the damage, prompt action may be important to recovering fair compensation. As an attorney with a successful track record in premises liability and other personal injury cases, Todd R. Worthley will know how to advise you and what action to take.

Some relatively common events that may justify a premises liability lawsuit against a property owner include:

  • Falling on a slippery floor in a store or other place of business
  • Falling on damaged or poorly lighted steps in an apartment building or complex
  • A fall while performing your job duties caused by someone other than your employer — as when a delivery driver is injured on a slippery, damaged, or un-navigable walkway

Determined Advocacy for People with Costly, Disabling Injuries

People who make light of "slip-and-fall" accidents and lawsuits undoubtedly have not been victimized themselves and do not understand that such accidents cause serious injuries including:

  • Head and traumatic brain injuries
  • Serious back and neck injuries or even spinal cord damage
  • Fractured limbs and damaged joints requiring surgery

At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we will take you seriously and treat you with respect after a fall. Some immediate steps that may be necessary are making sure you seek and receive thorough medical care, moving quickly to recover evidence of negligence that might be quickly removed or repaired, and interviewing any witnesses.

Honest Legal Guidance and Action to Help You Recover

Not every slip-and-fall accident calls for the involvement of an experienced premises liability lawyer — but many do. You can turn to us for comprehensive help assessing whether you have a valid claim, identifying various types of insurance coverage that may apply, and making sure your rights are protected.

In personal injury matters, we offer a free consultation and charge no attorney fees unless we obtain money for you through a settlement or a verdict.