Modification of Divorce and Custody Orders in Oregon: A Skilled Attorney for Issues and Concerns After Divorce

Not everyone has a high awareness of the legal provisions and possible arrangements when seeking modifications to an Oregon divorce judgment. Although a need to modify child support and/or spousal support payments — due to job loss or another significant change — is the most common need, we are equally prepared to offer counsel on your desire for a modification of custody and/or parenting time. Please contact us today with your questions or concerns.

Acting Decisively When You See Your Children at Risk

Attorney Todd R. Worthley has extensive experience dealing with child relocation matters as well as the need for a custody modification based on:

  • Domestic violence allegations — both valid and invalid — that may lead to restraining orders and influence any divorce judgment or enable a modification later on
  • A son or daughter getting in trouble with the police or other authorities, failing to thrive in school, or otherwise not adapting well in the current custody arrangement
  • A custodial parent's development or continuation of alcohol and drug abuse, mental health problems, or other behaviors and conditions that put children at risk

Over 15 Years of Experience with Complex Legal Matters in and Near Portland

Petitions for modifications of custody and changes to other divorce orders are often challenging cases with many nuances to consider. They call for a calm, insightful lawyer able to offer guidance based on deep experience in Portland area family courts and other types of litigation and dispute resolution.

Mr. Worthley will carefully assess your situation, help you gauge your likelihood of success in seeking a modification of custody or other orders, and be honest about the potential costs and risks of doing so. In some situations, we may hire an investigator or other specialists to build the best case possible for the modification you want.

Our firm is here to counsel and represent you, with maximum energy and legal skill, if you believe a modification of child custody or some other change in your divorce judgment is justified. Simply call 503-575-9708 or email us now to set up a time to talk through your legal options and next steps.