Dedicated Divorce Attorney Handling Child Support Cases

If you are divorcing or separating with children, discussing child support early and thoroughly is important in order to chart a successful course for handling your case. At the Law Office of Todd R. Worthley, we deal frequently with divorcing and unmarried parents who must arrive at a fair, manageable child support order.

We help them cope with their adjusted life to a single parent and other related issues, such as the establishment of paternity, so they can understand and come to terms with their responsibilities as defined by the agreement.

Whether the arrangement you arrive at requires you to pay or receive child support, this obligation represents a life change for everyone involved. It is very important to gain a solid sense of what to expect before moving forward with your divorce, so that we can explore options, protect your rights, and help you plan for life afterward. Contact Portland child support attorney Todd R. Worthley today.

We Will Explain the Guidelines and Walk You Through Calculations

Oregon has a relatively straightforward process for setting child support payment amounts. The payments are based on factors including the number of children involved, income available for child support, insurance costs and other necessary expenses. The custody-and-parenting time "balance" also applies. We can work through these calculations with you and deal effectively with:

  • Complex situations involving either spouse's self-employed income or potentially hidden assets
  • Potential financial hardships stemming from the support order
  • Disputes between divorcing spouses about any of the numbers used to calculate a child support judgment
  • Special circumstances that may — or may not — justify a departure from statutory guidelines
  • Petitions for modification of child support (or changes to other court judgments) when parents' or children's circumstances change significantly after divorce
  • Enforcement of child support payments

Our Portland Law Firm Is Here to Help You and Your Family

Most parents want the best for their children, but it is often difficult to see past fear, anger, and frustration that can be part of almost any divorce or separation. Attorney Todd R. Worthley believes it is critical to work through emotional issues toward a realistic vision for your children's lives after divorce or separation. He believes it is equally important for you to understand how decisions you make today are likely to impact your own and your children's financial well-being.

To work with an experienced, approachable lawyer who will listen to your concerns and then strive to provide the highest-quality representation of your interests, please contact our family law office now.